annoyed! also furious!

I’m really annoyed!

people need to stop.

I’m annoyed by the software puritans who go on about “JavaS’creep” or “Micro$haft.” About their special browser extensions that they run in their fork of Firefox 27 that “protect” them from non-AGPL3 Javascript. It’s not browser fingerprinting or ads or whatever that’s the problem, it’s the particular software license!

I’m annoyed by the people—who use Arch, by the way—telling me how awful I am for primarily using MacOS (they dual boot Windows just for the games oh….and all of the things that still don’t have good Linux or *BSD equivalents).1 2

I’m annoyed by the tech bro “hardcore” Elon Twitter types, I’m annoyed by the people who look down on you if you’re not running Elastic Search with Kubernetes for some Rust webassembly POS. Or Elixir. Or worse.

I’m annoyed at the people in my own profession who insist that to display well formatted text on a screen you need a heavy duty Rails application, Postgres, Solr, and 5MB of Javascript to render a post the size of this one. “Modern” web development wasn’t the original cause of global climate change but it’s certainly not helping the situation.

I’m furious at the fact that you can’t buy a piece of electronics or install a piece of software without first wondering how that company is trying to make more money from your use of that product. I feel like an ass for saying this, but sometimes I watch in horror as people open apps on their phones which are really just wrappers that load their websites but with more efficient tracking built in.

But mostly I’m just furious about more or less everything.

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   Truly, we have learned nothing.

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  1. it is the year of our lord 2022 and Linux still can’t easily manipulate goddamned PDFs. No, ghostscript (gs(1)) does not count as ’easy.’ No, annotating something in evince(1) does not count. edit 2022-11-26: to be clear I just want what MacOS’ Preview can do, I’m not looking for a feature-to-feature Acrobat replacement.

    No, LibreOffice Draw does not count.
    No, opening a PDF in Inkscape does not count.

    If I wanted to add to my problems, I’d try and install a sound card err try to maniuplate a PDF, try to find something more fun to do. ↩︎

  2. FWIW I’m writing this on a Thinkpad T460s running Void Linux—where I am also a package maintainer. ↩︎