About this site

It’s just my blog. These are my personal opinions. Don’t read much else into them.

About Me

I do digital publishing stuff at George Mason Unviersity, Virginia Vice-Chair of the WMATA Riders’ Advisory Council, and other stuff.

Theme, etc.

The theme for this site is Hugo Classic. It’s written with Hugo. I’m obliged to Bryce Wray for getting me started on Hugo in the first place.

Privacy Policy

Because we’re living in a society, this site does not track you, mine cryptocurrency using your machine, attempt to fingerprint you, install tracking cookies or do anything similarly nefarious. This site does not use Google Analytics or any similar software. If you do use creepy nonsense like that, please consider using a privacy respecting self-hosted alternative instead.


email: hallo
mastodon: @anelki@tilde.zone
pinboard: anelki
~team: tilde.team/~anelki
twit: @anelki
work: mason.gmu.edu/~akierig