no other way but forward

It feels tough to admit this, I guess. But especially in such a public way. Alas.

Coding makes me anxious. I’m still very much an amateur, despite using it at work. I have a lot to learn and seemingly little time to work on it (for a lot of complicated reasons almost all to do with the pile of hats I’m wearing right now).1

That means I don’t have a lot of time to focus and actually learn stuff. I used to spend some time on the weekends doing stuff and joining the Tildeverse (I’m on ~team) has helped a lot too (here’s looking at you, ynx, gbmor, ben, jess, and june). If for no other reason than it’s being an encouraging kind of place where asking for help and fucking up are both okay.

But I’m writing this because I wrote a script today to replaces some aliases in my fish configuration for internet radio stations I really like. And for the first time, it felt kinda natural, like I knew what the fuck I was doing.2

So here it is. music to my ears

It’s simple and it just does a very simple thing, but it’s mine.

And yes, I do use a cowsay fox to tell me stuff and call me chief. Her name is Beate and I’ll brook no snarkiness here…

  1. I am reminded of this book for some reason. ↩︎

  2. A fleeting feeling for me in any domain of human endeavor… ↩︎