nondoc op-eds



Here are links to my op-eds over at NonDoc, from newest to oldest.

Way back when I spent my free time reading and writing, instead of messing around with a VPS in Frankfurt am Main…


19 October 2018
“Fast times at Gallogly U: It’s a university, not a business”

3 July 2018
“Life in Trump’s shadow: From Pruitt to Pizzagate”

7 March 2018
“Trump’s trade wars: No winners, only losers”


26 September 2017
“‘I will forever be grateful’ for OU President David Boren”

9 August 2017
“Oklahoma deserves the future it gets: A public farewell”

1 June 2017
“The Quiet crisis: Failure of American leadership poses risk”

31 January 2017
“Death of Trans-Pacific Partnership ‘a loss for America’"

25 January 2017
“Julian Assange is a Coward”

10 January 2017
“Hobbled Russia still managing to play Donald Trump”


15 November 2016
“Kierig: Trump’s win threatens NATO alliances, trust”

8 November 2016
“‘Stronger Together’ isn’t just a slogan, it’s a worldview”

30 September 2016
“Fates of Syria, Ukraine hinge on U.S. presidential election”

10 August 2016
“‘Too much at stake’ to trust Trump’s foreign policies”

27 June 2016
“Brexit and the triumph of Monty Python politics”